class cassandra.datastax.graph.fluent.DseGraph[source]

Dse Graph utility class for GraphTraversal construction and execution.

DSE_GRAPH_QUERY_LANGUAGE = 'bytecode-json'

Graph query language, Default is ‘bytecode-json’ (GraphSON).

static create_execution_profile(graph_name, graph_protocol=b'graphson-2.0', **kwargs)[source]

Creates an ExecutionProfile for GraphTraversal execution. You need to register that execution profile to the cluster by using cluster.add_execution_profile.

  • graph_name – The graph name

  • graph_protocol – (Optional) The graph protocol, default is DSE_GRAPH_QUERY_PROTOCOL.

static query_from_traversal(traversal, graph_protocol=b'graphson-2.0', context=None)[source]

From a GraphTraversal, return a query string based on the language specified in DseGraph.DSE_GRAPH_QUERY_LANGUAGE.

  • traversal – The GraphTraversal object

  • graph_protocol – The graph protocol. Default is DseGraph.DSE_GRAPH_QUERY_PROTOCOL.

  • context – The dict of the serialization context, needed for GraphSON3 (tuple, udt). e.g: {‘cluster’: cluster, ‘graph_name’: name}

static traversal_source(session=None, graph_name=None, execution_profile=EXEC_PROFILE_GRAPH_DEFAULT, traversal_class=None)[source]

Returns a TinkerPop GraphTraversalSource binded to the session and graph_name if provided.

  • session – (Optional) A DSE session

  • graph_name – (Optional) DSE Graph name

  • execution_profile – (Optional) Execution profile for traversal queries. Default is set to EXEC_PROFILE_GRAPH_DEFAULT.

  • traversal_class – (Optional) The GraphTraversalSource class to use (DSL).

from cassandra.cluster import Cluster
from cassandra.datastax.graph.fluent import DseGraph

c = Cluster()
session = c.connect()

g = DseGraph.traversal_source(session, 'my_graph')
print g.V().valueMap().toList()
static batch(session=None, execution_profile=None)[source]

Returns the cassandra.datastax.graph.fluent.query.TraversalBatch object allowing to execute multiple traversals in the same transaction.

class cassandra.datastax.graph.fluent.DSESessionRemoteGraphConnection(session[, graph_name, execution_profile])[source]

A Tinkerpop RemoteConnection to execute traversal queries on DSE.

  • session – A DSE session

  • graph_name – (Optional) DSE Graph name.

  • execution_profile – (Optional) Execution profile for traversal queries. Default is set to EXEC_PROFILE_GRAPH_DEFAULT.

class cassandra.datastax.graph.fluent.BaseGraphRowFactory(cluster)[source]

Base row factory for graph traversal. This class basically wraps a graphson reader function to handle additional features of Gremlin/DSE and is callable as a normal row factory.

Currently supported:
  • bulk results


alias of cassandra.datastax.graph.fluent._GremlinGraphSON2RowFactory


alias of cassandra.datastax.graph.fluent._DseGraphSON2RowFactory