cassandra.connection - Low Level Connection Info

exception cassandra.connection.ConnectionException

An unrecoverable error was hit when attempting to use a connection, or the connection was already closed or defunct.

exception cassandra.connection.ConnectionShutdown

Raised when a connection has been marked as defunct or has been closed.

exception cassandra.connection.ConnectionBusy

An attempt was made to send a message through a Connection that was already at the max number of in-flight operations.

exception cassandra.connection.ProtocolError

Communication did not match the protocol that this driver expects.

class cassandra.connection.EndPoint

Represents the information to connect to a cassandra node.

property address

The IP address of the node. This is the RPC address the driver uses when connecting to the node

property port

The port of the node.


Resolve the endpoint to an address/port. This is called only on socket connection.

property socket_family

The socket family of the endpoint.

property ssl_options

SSL options specific to this endpoint.

class cassandra.connection.EndPointFactory

This is called by the cluster during its initialization.


Create an EndPoint from a system.peers row.

class cassandra.connection.SniEndPoint

SNI Proxy EndPoint implementation.

class cassandra.connection.SniEndPointFactory
class cassandra.connection.UnixSocketEndPoint

Unix Socket EndPoint implementation.